Foundations of Management for New Sales Managers is a blended learning experience that features facilitated meetings that teach, reinforce and apply basic sales management skills to everyday job challenges.

This unique training program is conducted entirely on-line and by telephone, making it both timely and cost-effective. No out-of-office time is required, no travel-related expenses are generated. The program includes three courses, each consisting of three modules, three facilitated meetings, a one-on-one certification session, and two important follow-up sessions.

An open enrollment course has 10-12 participants from various companies. This flexibility allows you to take advantage of the program even if you have only a single Sales Manager to train. Courses with closed enrollment are available for those companies with 10-12 participants.

The study portion of the Foundations of Management for New Sales Managers takes approximately two months to complete. It requires 6-8 hours of preparation per course (a total of 18-24 hours), participation in three half an hour facilitated meetings and two half an hour follow-up sessions.

Periodic, individual reports provided to your company throughout the training program will reflect your trainee’s potential for job success and highlight areas where supervisory support could be warranted.

This program assures that your Sales Managers will:

  • Have the skills to manage and develop their sales organization
  • Acquire effective managerial and leadership skills
  • Be supported and trained effectively early in their career with your company
  • Take this training seriously and leave with a plan to implement.