Our Impact Ready Programs are designed for use right out of the box. These programs were specifically selected because of their ability to make immediate changes in critical areas that impact the short-term and long-term success of the participants. These select courses deliver targeted learning solutions that can be accessed (1) by a large number of people, (2) on an as-needed basis, and (3) at a cost savings. Cost savings are realized because:

The employee does not take time away from the job;

  • The employee does not incur travel charges (airline, car rental, meals, hotel, etc.);
  • There is no Trainer to pay (airline, car rental, meals, hotel, etc.);
  • There is no facility to pay or scalability issues on-site;
  • There are no fees associated with handbooks, online access, training guides;
  • There are no hidden fees (the price is the price);

One of the primary objectives of all our Impact Ready Courses is to provide valuable program content and efficient/effective training for people who are having trouble finding time or who will not find the time to attend classroom training.

Targeted Learning Solutions

In order to qualify as a TIS-sponsored Impact Ready Course, each program must have relevant content which, upon completion of training, significantly impacts the Learner’s on-the-job performance. In addition, each course must be sponsored by a leading authority in that field. If you are interested in lending the TIS proven instructional design to your market-ready program using our online platform, please contact us.

The Platform

  1. Proven Instructional Design
  2. Administration Support (enrollment, scheduling, communication to Learners, payment processing)
  3. TIS Learning Management System (LMS)