Solution Based Selling is not only a process of carefully executed steps, but a philosophy. Top performers distinguish themselves from the competition through their commitment to the process and delivery of the specific steps.  They fully understand the importance of solution based sale to their continued growth and success.

The financial marketplace is demanding that there be a holistic approach to the sale of financial products. This requires approaching the “How” versus just the “What” and “Why” addressed in typical sales training. Solution-Based Selling focuses on the “how” skills needed to perform every step of the sales process. It provides a customer-driven approach to delivering solutions. Mastering the “how” takes effort, but the results are worth it. The emphasis on the “how” and holding advisors accountable for becoming proficient at implementing the “how” makes our Solution-Based Sales training stand out from other process training approaches.

Sales concepts and creative “Out-of-the-Box” thinking are woven through our Solution-Based Sales training. Advisors learn to leverage their technical and product knowledge, present themselves as the knowledgeable professionals that they are, engage the prospect, identify problems, and generate sufficient concern to motivate the prospect or client to take action to address those problems.

For firms facing a “Legacy Issue” Solution-Based Sales training closes the gap between newer, less experienced advisors and senior members within the organization. Our unique program exposes new/newer hires to the same, tried-and-true kind of training that senior members received when they were first trained years ago as insurance agents and stockbrokers.

Experience Level

The Solution-based training is relevant to all experience levels. As a skills refresher for experienced advisors who have moved away from the fundamentals that made them successful. The training aids new advisors in assimilating the technical and product knowledge into a process that will differentiate them to their targeted audiences.