Training Implementation Services, Inc.

Where Performance Counts & Accountability Pays



Our instructional design was originally developed and successfully implemented for a major insurance company in response to critical on-boarding issues. Our training methodology and instructional design have, since their inception, been replicated and proven successful with thousands of new hires over the past 25+ years.
We integrate our unique instructional design with your company’s specific training content. TIS has a staff of outstanding Training Development Specialists who will work with your Subject Matter Experts to create unique training content, and/or utilize your existing training material at your request.
These programs were specifically developed to help make immediate changes in critical areas that impact the short-term and long-term success of each participant.


This system provides the Learner, Facilitator and Management with the tools to succeed. These APS tools ultimately hold everyone accountable for performing their learning and training responsibilities.

“The Genius is not in Building it. The Real Genius is in Getting it Used.”

We will help you increase the effectiveness of your training budget by creating widespread accountability so your prime performers are motivated, your new hires are enthusiastic and everyone involved is energized.