Snapdeal Seller Agreement Pdf

Snapdeal Seller Agreement Pdf

When it comes to selling products on Snapdeal, one of India`s leading e-commerce platforms, it`s important to understand the terms and conditions outlined in the seller agreement. To make things easier for sellers, Snapdeal provides a PDF version of the seller agreement which can be easily downloaded and reviewed.

The Snapdeal seller agreement PDF outlines the terms and conditions that sellers must adhere to when using the platform. This includes regulations related to product listing, pricing, shipping, returns and refunds, payments, and customer service. Here are some key points to keep in mind when reviewing the Snapdeal seller agreement PDF:

Product listing: When listing a product on Snapdeal, sellers must ensure that the product title, description, pricing, and images accurately reflect the product being sold. The platform also has specific regulations related to prohibited products such as counterfeit goods, illegal items, and products that violate intellectual property rights.

Pricing: Sellers are free to set their own prices for products, however, they must comply with the minimum advertised price policy set by Snapdeal. Additionally, sellers must ensure that their prices do not violate any anti-trust laws or regulations.

Shipping: Sellers are responsible for shipping products to customers and must ensure that they are shipped within the specified timeframe. Snapdeal provides guidelines on packaging, labeling, and tracking shipments to ensure that products are delivered to customers in good condition.

Returns and refunds: Snapdeal has a strict return and refund policy which sellers must comply with. Sellers must accept returns within a specified timeframe, provide refunds when necessary, and ensure that returned products are in good condition.

Payments: Snapdeal handles all payments between buyers and sellers and sellers can choose from various payment options such as bank transfer, e-wallets, and credit/debit cards. It`s important to note that Snapdeal deducts a commission for each transaction and sellers must ensure that their bank account details are up-to-date to receive payments.

Customer service: As a seller on Snapdeal, providing excellent customer service is crucial. Sellers must respond to customer queries and complaints promptly and professionally to ensure a positive customer experience.

In conclusion, the Snapdeal seller agreement PDF is an essential document that every seller must review and understand before using the platform. By adhering to the terms and conditions outlined in the agreement, sellers can ensure a smooth and successful selling experience on Snapdeal.