Roommate Agreement Sample Form

Roommate Agreement Sample Form

Roommate agreements are essential for peaceful and harmonious living arrangements. A roommate agreement is a legal document that outlines the expectations of all roommates regarding rent payments, utilities, chores, and house rules. Creating a roommate agreement can help avoid potential conflicts and misunderstandings and ensure that everyone is on the same page. In this article, we will discuss a sample form for a roommate agreement.

Before we dive into the sample form, it`s essential to understand what information should be included in a roommate agreement. First and foremost, the agreement should list all the roommates` names, addresses, and contact information. Secondly, it should outline the rent payment schedule, including the amount, due date, and payment methods. The agreement should also specify how the utilities will be divided among the roommates.

Additionally, the roommate agreement should include household duties and responsibilities, such as cleaning schedules, taking out the trash, and maintaining common areas. Lastly, it should detail any house rules, including noise levels, overnight guests, and smoking policies.

Now, let`s take a look at a sample form for a roommate agreement:

Roommate Agreement Form



Phone Number:


Rent Payment

The monthly rent payment is $_____. The payment is due on the _____ of every month. The following payment methods are accepted: _____.


The utility bills will be divided equally among the roommates. The following utilities are included: ____________. The bills will be due on the _____ of every month, and the payment will be divided equally among the roommates.

Household Duties and Responsibilities

The following household duties and responsibilities will be shared equally among the roommates:

– Cleaning schedules:

– Taking out the trash:

– Maintaining common areas:

House Rules

The following house rules apply:

– No smoking on the premises.

– Overnight guests are allowed for a maximum of _____ nights per month.

– Quiet hours are from _____ to _____.

– Additional house rules:


Creating a roommate agreement is an essential step in ensuring a peaceful and harmonious living environment. It`s essential to communicate openly and clearly with your roommates and have a shared understanding of expectations and responsibilities. Use the above sample form as a starting point to create a roommate agreement that works for all parties involved.